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Anke Strauß
TransForming Organisations:
Engaging aesthetic practices for imagining sustainable futures

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Despite the pressing need for transformation towards sustainable ways of being in the world, organisational practices often stop short of fundamentally changing the ways processes of production, consumption, living and working are organised. Usually they are minor adjustments to an otherwise unchanged mode of relating to the world. One of the reasons for this immutability is the way we perceive and think organisations, whose dominant paradigm is based on the principles of autonomy and abstraction; both of which being forms of disconnection that also govern how we understand and address sustainability issues.

The Tuesday talk introduces the project to be developed at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, which aims at contributing to the mental infrastructure necessary for transforming the way we organise working and living together with other species on this planet. It does so by developing an approach to organisations based on relationality and guided by aesthetic practices. It uses empirical material on artist-run organisations, whose organising principles are resonant with aesthetic practices artists have developed in the course of their artistic engagement and that are geared towards experimenting with sustainable forms of organising work-lives. Assuming that aesthetics shares with organisational theory the engagement with questions of form - specified as form of relations when directed toward social matter - the potential of aesthetic practices is that they defy abstraction. Confined to the sensual as a way of being affected by the world before rational concepts kick in, aesthetics is thus explored in its capability of opening up organisational theory for principles of sustainable organising that allow for imagining and negotiating ways of being together that acknowledge the deep relationality of our existence.

Dr. Anke Strauß is a management and organisation researcher whose work aims at contributing to sustainably transforming the ways we organise our working and living together on this planet. Her work at the intersection between artistic and economic modes of production focuses on alternative ways of organising, relational ontologies and aesthetics and affect as specific organisational forces that might enable perceiving, organising and maintaining different, more sustainable relationships with other human and non-human beings. After her PhD at the University of Essex on collaborative transdisciplinary learning environments, she worked at the WZB Berlin Social Science Centre on artistic interventions and organisational learning. Since then she collaborates with different performance artists to further an understanding of the complex, shifting and ephemeral qualities of alternative ways of organising that allow nurturing and caring relationships at and beyond work.

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