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IASS Workshop

Climate Change and the Politics of Disinformation: Implications for Democratic Governance

As the evidence for disruptive climate change has mounted over the last decades, organized attacks on climate science have grown, along with the production of large volumes of disinformation that has discouraged more decisive political action. This workshop examines the organization and the political aims of these attacks, the role of social and conventional media in their spread, and the importance of radical right movements and parties in providing visible public support.

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Exploring the relational core of transformation

This workshop will provide a co-creative reflexive space for participants of the Spirit of Humanity Forum to engage in the question „What enables us to transform separation and fear into connection and compassion?” There will be space for the participants to exchange and explore their experiences where inner transformation guided successful leadership towards sustainability. Also we will engage in silent reflection and contemplative dialogue to deepen our connection with our inner sources for transformative leadership. Lastly, we will offer a brief format of mutually supporting each other in identifying concrete implications for our different work contexts.

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IASS Methodology Workshop, with Silvio Funtowicz and Bruna de Marchi

Silvio Funtowicz (Center for the Study of the Humanities, University of Bergen) and Bruna de Marchi (Center for the Study of the Humanities, University of Bergen) will give an input at this workshop. Mr Funtowicz will speak on "The emergence and current relevance of Post Normal Science" and the input of Mrs De Marchi has the title "Public participation in risk governance is fair.
What else? ".

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Habeck und Schalansky diskutieren mit Professor Renn

Unter dem Titel "Starke Orte, schöne Worte" findet vom 14. bis 19. Mai zum siebten Mal das Literaturfestival LIT:Potsdam statt. Viele Lesungen sind an geschichtsträchtigen Orten, die sich in Parks und am Wasser befinden, als auch auf den Bühnen der brandenburgischen Hauptstadt. Die auf die Lesung folgende Diskussion mit Robert Habeck und Judith Schalansky moderiert Profesor Ortwin Renn, wissenschaftlicher Direktor vom IASS.

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Capacity Building Workshop

Second BBNJ Training for UN Negotiations

The workshop will provide the opportunity to bring together ministry representatives and UN negotiators from the Southeast Pacific and Southeast Atlantic regions. It provides a networking opportunity for participants from different regions and countries and ensure mutual learning.

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