Headline: The global renewable power support policy dataset

Our data holds information on 10 specific policy instruments explicitly dedicated to the support for expansion of renewable electricity generation 1990-2016; some instruments, including taxation of non-renewables or emission trading, affect other sectors than renewable power, but are mentioned in their original policy description to also be dedicated to increasing renewable power. Our data concerns national policy measures, but ignores policies enacted on higher (e.g. EU-level in Europe) or lower (e.g. state-level policies in Canada, USA) political levels. For example, the “no support” entry for the United Arab Emirates indicates that there were no national-level policies: all policies were, in this case, emirate-specific.


Hafner, S., & Lilliestam, J. (2019). The global renewable power support policy dataset. Zenodo.

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Die Wende zu einem erneuerbaren Stromsystem und ihre Wechselwirkungen mit anderen politischen Zielen (TRIPOD)