Headline: Global Sustainability Strategy Forum – 1st Expert Meeting

The Global Sustainability Strategy Forum provides vital input by making knowledge for sustainable development from diverse sources more accessible and actionable for effective policy decision-making. Many systems for measuring the state of sustainability produce results that can seem contradictory or conflicting to policymakers and other actors. What is needed are balanced, scientifically informed, and integrative judgements as to the meaning, significance, and implications of these findings, for the global and regional levels. Every two years representatives from leading research institutes in the field of sustainable development will meet at a week-long summit to develop strategic solutions to the most pressing sustainability challenges by reconciling the effects of interdependencies across the SDG spectrum, and between sustainability, globalization, and digitalization. The kick-off forum will take place from 4 to 8th March in the Seminaris Seehotel in Potsdam. A draft synthesis report will be prepared, providing a summary of the discussions, and including interpretations and strategy recommendations for both the global and regional levels. (GSSF Brochure)

4-8th of March 2019
Venue: Seminaris Seehotel Potsdam
Organised by IASS and ASU, funded by VW Stiftung

The patron of the event is Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth, former President of the Bundestag. 
By invitation only

Conference film:

Global Sustainability Strategy Forum