Headline: Social Sustainability Barometer for the German Energiewende: 2018 Edition. Core statements and summary of the key findings

This brochure presents the main findings of the second edition of the Social Sustainability Barometer for the German Energiewende. They are based on two internet-based, population-representative household surveys (forsa.omninet household panel), which were conducted in the summer of 2017 and 2018 in cooperation with the German Institute for Economic Research. Now in its second iteration, this brochure can for the first time track changes in attitudes to the Energiewende and its implementation since the publication of the first Barometer in 2017. The annual Social Sustainability Barometer for the German Energiewende is an empirical database intended to monitor developments in the social dimensions of sustainability in selected key areas as accurately as possible. How does the German population view the Energiewende and the current implementation process? What do they expect from a just Energiewende? To what extent do they feel affected by the Energiewende? And to what degree are they willing to participate in it?