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The transdisciplinary approach to research practiced at the IASS fosters dialogue between academia, policymakers, civil society, and the business sector. Building on this experience, “Co-creation and Contemporary Policy Advice” studies the implementation of multi-stakeholder processes resulting in reciprocal learning and decision-making. The goal is to facilitate the development of solutions that enjoy broad support. This research focuses in particular on the dynamics of stakeholder interactions and the integration of different forms of knowledge. The insights gained in this project will contribute to the development of a contemporary approach to science-based guidance for policymakers, civil society, and the public.


Social Transformation and Policy Advice in Lusatia

How is life in Lusatia set to change with the end of its coal-mining industry? What opportunities for sustainable social and economic dynamics does this present? And what can be done to ensure that the transformation of the region is democratic and fair? This project investigates processes of change in Lusatia and offers support and guidance to political and civil society actors in this context.

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Co-Creation and Contemporary Policy Advice

How can different co-creative approaches be integrated into contemporary policy advice and policymaking in order to support transformations towards sustainability? This project investigates existing processes of reciprocal learning and consensus-building, analyses their effects, and tests new models for generating knowledge and shaping policy that transcend the boundaries of science, politics, civil society and business.

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Phasing Out Coal: IASS to Investigate Structural Transformation in Lusatia

The region of Lusatia in Eastern Germany is experiencing a structural transformation due to the dwindling significance of lignite. In a new research project, the IASS will investigate the changes taking place there. Karl Eugen Huthmacher from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and IASS Scientific Director Patrizia Nanz presented the project at the Lusatia Dialogue on 25 June.

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