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Sybille Neumeyer


Sybille Neumeyer is a multimedia artist, designer and researcher based in Berlin. She has a background in art history, linguistics, ethnology and visual communication. Through her art works and participatory workshops she investigates environmental issues and relationships between humans and non-humans. Her interest in various disciplines like biology, history of science, anthropology, botany and geology informs and opens new perspectives for her work, often resulting in collaboration and exchange with scientists. Currently Sybille Neumeyer is guest researcher at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and artist fellow at the IASS Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies Potsdam with focus on more-than-human health.

Recent projects: "souvenirs entomologiques" for "Critical Zones - Observatories for Earthly Politics"/ZKM Karlsruhe and "voicing encounters - a narrative cartography of virus" as part of "Contagious Cities: KOEXISTENZ"//Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

  • health
  • interdisciplinarity
  • environment
  • biodiversity

Publications prior to joining the IASS

  • 2020 Flavio D'Abramo & Sybille Neumeyer. "A historical and political epistemology of microbes" in "Histories of epidemics in the time of COVID-19"; Centaurus 62 (2)
  • 2020 Sybille Neumeyer. "voicing encounters" textbook; artist publication (publication forthcoming)
  • 2017 Sybille Neumeyer & Hung Fei Wu. "A Dialogue" in "Mute Dialogues" exhibition catalogue; POLYMER Art Space
  • 2015 Sybille Neumeyer. "Human-Nature: A Re-Relationship" in "Future Now"; Aesthetica Magazine Ltd;
  • 2020/04 „A historical and political epistemology of microbes" | Sybille Neumeyer & Flavio D'Abramo | Bard College; Berlin/DE
  • 2020/02 „porous bodies - care in natural history collections" | Sybille Neumeyer | "Logistical Natures" conference | walking lecture | Museum für Naturkunde; Berlin/DE
  • 2020/01 „Whole Earths Cataloguing" | Sybille Neumeyer & Tahani Nadim | lecture | "Biodiversity and the Cultural Landscape" symposium | University Vienna; Vienna/AU
  • 2019/11 „experimental plantings" | Sybille Neumeyer & Tahani Nadim | lecture & workshop | "experimental humanities"| iCi - Institute for Cultural Inquiries; Berlin/DE
  • 2019/08 „scales and scopes of a virus" | Sybille Neumeyer & guests | lecture & panel discussion | "Contagious Cities" | Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin/DE
  • 2019/07 „the space between the stones - stratigraphic storytelling" | "odd kin°labs" | Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin/DE
  • 2017/02 „mediated natures - art & ecologies" | artist talk | Vilnius Academy of Arts, Klaipeda/LT
  • 2014 Winner | International Aesthetica Art Prize
  • guest researcher Museum für Naturkunde Berlin / Humanities of Nature
  • bbk – professional association of visual artists Berlin
  • dgtf; – The German Society for Design Theory and Research