Stefan Schäfer

Dr. Stefan Schäfer

Research Group Leader

Stefan Schäfer is a Research Group Leader at IASS and maintains fellowships at Harvard University's Program on Science, Technology and Society and at the University of Oxford's Institute for Science, Innovation and Society. He received training in Political Science, History, and Philosophy at Unversity of Tübingen and Cornell University and holds a PhD in International Relations from Freie Universität Berlin. His research draws on approaches from Science and Technology Studies to develop new questions about the intersection of democratic politics, sustainability science, and global governance. His interest is in understanding how political and environmental problems are framed, how solutions come to seem plausible or implausible, what the shortfalls and blind spots of dominant imaginaries and practices are, and what alternatives exist. He will be a Guest Professor in the University of Vienna's Department of Science and Technology Studies in spring 2020.