Roman Huber

Roman Huber

Affiliate Scholar

Born in 1966, grew up in Munich, following the Abitur worked on an alpine farm, travelling.

Social engagement: 2 years of civilian service caring for the elderly, 10 years of service at a home for asylum seekers, work with homeless people

Economic activities (early 1990s): Entering the IT sector at Computer 2000 / Workstation 2000, later at Tech Data, establishment of the pre-sales division, key account management in the HP-UX sector.

Political life to date: Since 1996 Establishment of Mehr Demokratie e.V. with now 10,000 members, 188,000 supporters, 9 offices and 35 staff, currently the largest direct democracy organisation worldwide -

Community life to date: Since 2007 Establishment of the Ecovollage Schloss Tempelhof, one of three cofounders -> home to 100 adults / 40 children, with its own accredited school for free development which is attended by 80 children, organic farming providing 60 to 70% self-sufficiency, seminarhouse with 5.000 bed nights per year, plus a range of other operations.

Citizens' Assembly on Climate Protection Designing an effective and social climate policy together Citizens' assemblies can produce broad social consensus as they consider potential conflicts of interest and develop concrete recommendations for action. The Citizens' Assembly on Climate Protection is intended to develop a climate policy that is supported by the citizens. The starting point among randomly selected citizens is the state of scientific research, objectives agreed in advance, and planned political steps. The Citizens' Assembly on Climate offers the space to determine which political measures are supported by well-informed citizens; the common good shall be in the foreground. The Citizens' Assembly on Climate succeeds the Citizens' Assembly on Democracy ( which was conducted in 2019 and will take into account the experiences and results from various environmental policy participation activities and negotiation procedures in Germany and other european countries. The mandate should be given by the Bundestag.

Publications prior to joining the IASS


  • Politik 8.0 - wie die integrale Theorie mein Weltbild klärte - in ZUSAMMEN ARBEITEN, ZUSAMMEN WACHSEN, ZUSAMMEN LEBEN, Springer Verlag, 2019
  • Wie Banken Geld aus Nichts erzeugen, Tectum Verlag, 2018
  • Das Geldsystem der Zukunft, Tectum Verlag, 2014

Approx. 100 Lectures on

  • direct democracy
  • citizens assembly
  • Future of democracy
  • FTA (CETA, TTIP etc.)
  • constitutional complaints
  • Democratisation of the European Union
  • Positive Money
  • Ecovillages
  • CEO Mehr Demokratie e.V.