Fang Man

Dr. Man Fang

Affiliate Scholar

Man Fang joined the IASS in January 2018 as a Fellow.

She is working on the transformation of knowledge to practice based on her Ph.D. research on risk perception with an intercultural perspective and focusing on values ethics and moral concerns in risk governance. She published scientific papers, blogs and essays and gave many workshops and presentations, aiming at developing self-awareness and ethical concern in policy-making procedure. Her main objective is to enhance the sustainability of the managers and officials with respect to risk governance and emergency management organizations.

Within the structure of IASS, Man Fang is working with both Systemic Risk group and AMA project group, based on the empirical study on values and ethical issues in risk governance. Her work integrates the western and eastern philosophy and methodology in order to explore a new mindset suitable for coping with the Risk Society. Such an approach starts with a personal transformation: from inner mindfulness to outside harmony and safety, and extends the individual sphere to society as a whole and inspires the transition from knowledge to action.

Man Fang holds a Ph.D from the Social Management and Public Policy School of Beijing Normal University. She majored in Public Administration and spent two years at the Social Science Department in University of Stuttgart. Her thesis "Influential Effects of Risk Perception and Value Orientation on Risk Prevention Behaviors" focuses on the value transition in risk society in the context of westernized China.

Man Fang also holds a master degree from China University of Geosciences. She majored in Applied Psychology with the thesis "Research on Psychological Health Status and its Related Factors of Maritime Rescue and Salvage Personnel". During this time period she was trained as a Licensed Counseling Psychologist (National level Two since 2006), with internships in Wuhan Hospital for Psychotherapy and Psychological Counseling Center in China University of Geosciences.

She has been involved in the following projects:

  • 2017: "Influence of Experts' Role and their Values on Risk Communication", Key project from Beijing Municipal Social Science Foundation
  • 2012-2015: Team leader for "Consuming Behaviors Research of Safety Products based on the Risk Perception Investigation-Case of Beijing Municipal", Fund for Distinguished Young Scientists, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology
  • 2012-2015: Team leader of consulting project: "Risk Legislations Study of Urban Community", from Emergency Management Office of Beijing Municipal Government
  • 2011: Research Fellow at Paris-Est University. Egide: Partenariats Hubert Curien (PHC) XU GUANGQI: "Urban Systems: Hazards, Vulnerability and Risks. Integrated and Multidisciplinary Framework: Case of Lifeline Systems & Subways"

Education Experiences:

  • 2010-2017 PH.D, School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University (China), major in public administration, Thesis: Influential Effects of Risk Perception and Value Orientation on Risk Prevention Behaviors
  • 2014-2017 Visiting Scholar at the Department of Social Science, University of Stuttgart (Germany)
  • 2012-2013 Visiting Scholar at the Partenariat Hubert Curien avec la Chine. Program CaiYuanpei (2012-2014): "Risk and Domino Effect Modeling : Case of Community System, Vulnerability & Risk Management under Natural Hazards", Paris-Est University France)
  • 2012-2014 Satir Model Clinical Training Program (278hrs, Beijing, China)
  • 2006-2007 Sino-German Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Seminar (108hrs, Wuhan, Sino-German Hospital for Psychotherapy)
  • 2004-2007 Master at the Department of Applied Psychology, China University of Geosciences, major in Applied Psychology (Crisis Prevention and Trauma Intervention), Thesis: Research on Psychological Health Status and its Related Factors of Maritime Rescue and Salvage Personnel

Working Experiences:

  • 2010-2015 Deputy Director/ Research Associate of Research Management & Foreign Affairs Office in Beijing Research Center of Urban System Engineering, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology
  • 2010-2013 vice secretary-general of The International Emergency Management Society- China Branch
  • 2009-2010 Assistant Researcher , Emergency Management Office of Beijing Municipal Government
  • 2009 Licensed Safety Engineer (National level Two) in China
  • 2007-2010 Research Associate of Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology
  • Since 2007, Part-time Researcher, School of Public Policy & Management, Tsinghua University
  • 9/2006-12/2006, Counseling internship, Psychological Counseling Center, China University of Geosciences.
  • 3/2006-5/2006, Observation & Investigation on the Sea Duty, North Sea Bureau of Rescue and Salvage, Chinese Ministry of Transportation.
  • 6/2006-12/2006, Outpatient Internship, Wuhan Hospital for Psychotherapy Workshops on Communication & Self-Development:
  • 05/2018 Hebei Province, Training Program for Principles and Teachers on Safety Issue, Workshop on Communication and Self-Development(3h)
  • 06/2018 Government Department, Nanjing University, "From Morality to Public Governance: Communication Workshop based on Satir Model"(7h)
  • 11/2017 Beijing Normal University, Training Program for Principles of Primary school in Guizhou Province, Communication Workshop based on Satir Model
  • 11/2017 Sichuan Province, Yilong County Association for Social Assistant Service, Commnucication Workshop for volunteers' Self Development
  • 9/2017 Volunteer Association in Hanchuan, Workshop on Communication and Self-Development
  • 8/2017 Social Welfare Bureau in Hanchuan, Workshop on Communication and Self-Development
  • Risk perception and governance
  • Values, ethical and moral issues in risk governance and emergency management
  • Self-awareness and leadership of politicians and managers

Publications prior to joining the IASS

  • Fang Man. Interdisciplinary Research Progress of Risk Perception's Theory and Paradigm: Interpretation from the view of Psychology. Overseas Theoretical Trends, 2017 (6), pp.117-127. (CSSCI)(Chinese)
  • Fang Man. Risk Perception and Risk Governance Introduction: based on the Interpretation of Theory from Ortwin Renn. Modern Occupational Safety. 2015(5), pp.27-29. (Chinese)
  • Peng Zongchao, Xue Wenjun, Fang Man. A Study on Emergency Preparedness against Terrorism Attacks on Urban Subways from the Perspective of Risk Governance: The Case of Beijing. Urban Development Studies. 2014 (7), pp.119-124. (Chinese with English Abstract)
  • Fang Man, Chen Hui, Wei Zihan. Comparative study on Beijing residents' risk perception on incidents of pandemic influenza, subway terrorist scenario and torrential rain. Intelligent Systems and Decision Making for Risk Analysis and Crisis Response/The 4th International Conference on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response. Taylor & Francis.2013(8)
  • Fang Man, Yang Hongyan. Developments in Emergency Industry and Industrialization in China. International Symposium on Safety Science and Engineering in China, Vol. 43, 2012, pp. 379-386
  • Fang Man, Zhang Bitao, Yang Meng. Cultural, Fair and Decent: From Technological Rationality to Humanities' Rationality-a Framework of Social Psychological Analysis in Chinese Major Natural Disasters Rescue Policy Process. Proceedings of the 5th Annual Meeting of Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention. Atlantis Press. 2012 (10), pp. 361-368 (Chinese with English Abstract)
  • Shan Chunchang, Zhou Ling, Fang Man. A Historical Review on the Development of Emergency Management Operational Mechanism in the United States and Experiences to be Learned by China. Chinese Public Administration. 2010 (8): 100-105 (CSSCI) (Chinese with English Abstract)
  • Value Orientations Transition in Risk Society of Globalized China: Should we take actions for Others or for Ourselves? 27th Annual Conference Society for Risk Analysis-Erope, Östersund, Sweden, June 18-20, 2018.
  • Gap of the Values Orientation between Public and Experts in Risk Governance: A Comparative Study on the Risk Perception and Risk Prevention Behaviors in China. The Public Values Consortium 6th Biennial Workshop 2018, Nanjing, China, June 6-7, 2018.