Dr. German Bersalli

Dr. Germán Bersalli

Research Associate

Germán Bersalli is a postdoctoral researcher in the Energy Transitions and Public Policy group. His research, combining economics with others social sciences, focuses on policies and transformative change towards a zero-carbon economic system. He is currently working on three interrelated topics:

  • Crises and structural change: how economic crises (may) act as catalysers for institutional, economic, and policy changes, affecting the direction and speed of energy transitions and decarbonization.
  • A policy mix for complete defossilisation: how to design and evaluate climate and energy policy instruments and strategies to phase out fossil fuels and phase in renewables; and why policy recommendations substantially differ among climate policy scholars.
  • European energy governance and decentralization: to which extent the Europeanisation of energy policy (can) support a more decentralized energy system. Germán holds a PhD in Ecological Economics from the University of Grenoble in France. During his doctoral thesis, he focused on the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of renewable energy policy in Latin America. He has taught university courses in Renewable Energy Policy, Environmental & Ecological Economics, Management, and Finance for bachelors, masters, and PhD students. He has advised several governments and international NGOs on energy and climate policy issues. Previously he has worked at the Argentinean National Bank and the University National of Entre Rios (Argentina).