Headline: How personalities and participant interactions shape co-creative transdisciplinary processes

After having worked academically in the field of semiconductor nanophysics I joined the Institute forAdvanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam in 2012. The IASS Potsdam is a hybrid between aresearch institute and a think tank, and is funded by the German Ministry for Education and Researchand the Ministry for Science, Research and Culture of the Federal State of Brandenburg. Our missionis not only to undertake research on sustainability-related issues but more importantly to act as aconnecting hub in the science-society interface and engage in so-called ‘transdisciplinary processes’(that is, involving a wide range of stakeholders outside of academia) in order to support thosestakeholders and decision-makers in their engagement with sustainability.In this work at the science-society interface I regularly support transdisciplinary processes asa host and process moderator or facilitator. I have undertaken several practical training courses inmoderation and facilitation techniques and increasingly tend to consider myself to be more of apractitioner (rather than scholar) of transdisciplinarity. In this role, I have experienced repeatedly howtransdisciplinary processes challenge the participants involved, and how in turn the personalities ofthose present in the group, and my own personality as facilitator, can influence and shape the overalldynamics and outcomes of these processes. The desire to reflect on these dynamics and improvemy own contribution as a facilitator motivated me to learn more about psychosocial methods andforms the basis for the reflections of this essay.In this essay, I will first provide an overview of transdisciplinary processes. After some reflectionson why and how they are influenced by personalities and participant interactions I will then elaborateon potential contributions to understanding (and thus helping improve) these processes throughpsychosocial research.

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Bruhn, T. (2017): How personalities and participant interactions shape co-creative transdisciplinary processes. - In: Behaviour Change from the Inside Out: applications of psychosocial ideas to sustainability, Cambridge, UK : Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University, p. 31-34.

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