Thomas Bruhn

Dr. Thomas Bruhn

Research Group Leader

Dr Thomas Bruhn is a physicist who has been working transdisciplinarily at the IASS since 2012. His research initially focused on climate engineering and CO2 utilisation. In 2016 he began to co-lead the AMA (A Mindset for the Anthropocene) project together with Dr Zoe Lüthi on the question how the cultivation of mental qualities like mindfulness and compassion can contribute to sustainability. He has also been engaged in research on collective learning and co-creation in the context of political decision-making for sustainability since 2017. Thomas' key ambition is to bring together a variety of stakeholders in reflexive processes that allow for the emergence of truly shared perspectives and action pathways for a context-specific implementation of specific sustainability targets.

Before joining the IASS, Thomas did research on semiconductor nanomaterials in Berlin, Rome, and Marseille. Besides his research work, he is also a trained facilitator and regularly conducts group processes in the tradition of Art-of-Hosting and Design Thinking. He is a member of the thinktank30 (tt30) of the Club of Rome, the German Association of Scientists (VDW), and the board of directors of the Global Contract Foundation.