Shale Gas in Europe: A Transdisciplinary Approach

Mi, 05/21/2014 bis Do, 05/22/2014

In recent years, the energy potential of unconventional gas reservoirs and especially shale gas has prompted strong interest from the government, business, and research sectors, leading to growing investments in exploration and development. In light of the projected growth in energy demand, natural gas is also often portrayed as a cleaner alternative to oil and gas (in terms of CO2 emission per unit of energy) as well as a suitable back-up capacity for renewable energy.

The current shale gas boom in the USA has spurred interest in shale gas in other regions of the world. In Europe, some countries have undertaken first steps into shale gas exploration, while others remain cautious due to the potential environmental risks associated with the hydraulic fracturing technique.

This IASS workshop aims to identify and assess the benefits and risks of an emerging shale gas industry in Europe while facilitating communication amongst key stakeholders and improving the understanding on all of the pertinent issues involved. The participants come from Germany, the USA, the UK, France, Poland and Ukraine, and include representatives from the scientific world, governments, civil society and industry.

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