Headline: Rynek doradztwa politycznego i lobbingu z perspektywy polskich i niemieckich parlamentarzystów

The market of political consulting and lobbying from the perspective of Polish and German parliamentarians.The number of forms, contexts and actors of policy advice and lobbying has grown over the years to such an extent that the problem of diffuse boundaries between these processes, and of capturing the specificity of themarket that they form, gains in both theoretical and practical importance.This study is based on interviews with members of parliament: the PolishSejm and the German Bundestag and concentrates on the question abouthow the market for political advice and lobbying is perceived by the veryaddressees. The comparative perspective is multi-layered and includes thecognitive, affective and normative dimensions. The image that emergesas a result offers a starting point for a discussion on the role of decisionmakers (who not only take part in the processes of our concern but alsoco-shape their regulatory framework) and on the features of a mature market of policy advice and lobbying, including mechanisms that favorably affect it.

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Cianciara, A., Stasiak, D. (2018): Rynek doradztwa politycznego i lobbingu z perspektywy polskich i niemieckich parlamentarzystów. - In: Kopka, A., Piontek, D., Minkenberg, M. (Eds.), Doradztwo polityczne i lobbing w parlamentarnym procesie decyzyjnym, Nowy Targ, Polen : Wydawnictwo ToC, p. 229-265.

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