Headline: Veranstaltungen nach Jahr

Potsdam Summer School 2019

Interactions between science and society are at the centre of this year’s Potsdam Summer School, which will take place from 20 to 29 August 2019. It will explore the importance of science communication in order to find effective ways of communicating highly relevant topics in the field of sustainability and global change.

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IASS Workshop

Climate Change and the Politics of Disinformation: Implications for Democratic Governance

As the evidence for disruptive climate change has mounted over the last decades, organized attacks on climate science have grown, along with the production of large volumes of disinformation that has discouraged more decisive political action. This workshop examines the organization and the political aims of these attacks, the role of social and conventional media in their spread, and the importance of radical right movements and parties in providing visible public support.

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EXAMPLES TO FOLLOW! 18th expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability

The 18th expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability will open on Saturday, 27 July 2019 at 17:00 in Erfurt. The duration oft the whole exhibtion will be from 28 July - 22 September 2019. This unusual station was initiated by the Advisory Board for Sustainable Development in Thuringia, supported by Thuringia's Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation and the State Capital Erfurt.

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SRA-E Conference 2019

Systemic Risks: From Natural Hazards to Cyber Risks

This year's annual meeting theme, “Systemic Risks: From Natural Hazards to Cyber Risks” is intended to showcase the wide variety of risk issues that threaten society today. These risk issues can only be addressed by the diversity of experience SRA-E members represent in terms of their professions, disciplines, methodologies, and nationalities.

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Transformative Strategien für nachhaltigeren Konsum

Die letzte Dekade bis zur anvisierten Umsetzung der Ziele der Agenda 2030 bricht an. Nachhaltiger Konsum gilt dabei als Schlüsselbereich, insbesondere für die Industrieländer. Mit welchen transformativen Strategien kann nachhaltiger Konsum in, mit und durch Deutschland vorangetrieben werden? Dieser Frage widmet sich ein Workshop der Wissenschaftsplattform Nachhaltigkeit 2030 am 13. und 14. Juni in Berlin.

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