Headline: The Directors

IASS directors
The directors of the IASS (from left): Jakob Meyer, Mark Lawrence and Ortwin Renn. IASS/Dirk Enters

Professor Dr Mark Lawrence has been a Scientific Director at the IASS since October 2011 and was originally responsible for the SIWA (Sustainable Interactions with the Atmosphere) Cluster and assumed the duties of Managing Scientific Director in December 2020.

Prof. Dr Ortwin Renn joined the IASS as Scientific Director in February 2016.

Jakob Meyer took up the position of Administrative Director in October 2017.

Former directors

Until his retirement in September 2015, Professor Dr Klaus Töpfer was the Founding and Executive Director of the IASS. At the same time, he headed the GCS (Global Contract for Sustainability) Cluster.

Professor Dr Carlo Rubbia was a Scientific Director of the IASS from June 2010 to May 2015 with responsibility for the E³ (Earth, Energy and Environment) Cluster.

Both former directors maintain close ties with the IASS as Honorary Senior Fellows.

Prof. Dr Patrizia Nanz was a Scientific Director at the IASS from April 2016 to January 2021. She remains affiliated with the institute as Director of the German-French Forum for the Future.