Craig Morris

Senior Fellow
+49 331 28822-414


IASS Project

  • MOOC on Energiewende and book on impact of EU policy switch to auctions on community energy

Research Interests

  • Democracy in the energy transition

Curriculum Vitae

  • Born in the US, Craig Morris (@PPchef) has lived in Germany since 1992 and worked in the energy sector since 2001. In 2002, he founded Petite Planète, where he coordinates his projects. He is the co-author of Energy Democracy, a history of Germany’s Energiewende as a grassroots movement. He has served as technical editor for both editions of IRENA’s REmap since 2013 and for the 2015 edition of Greenpeace’s Energy (R)evolution. In 2008, he cofounded Berlin’s PV Magazine. Since 2010, he has been contributing editor of Renewables International, which he also cofounded. In 2012, he became lead author of Over the past decade, he has translated two German books on renewables into English. Since 2002, he has also authored articles and books in German and served as editor for German numerous publications in the energy sector. In 2014, he won the International Association of Energy Economists’ prize for energy journalism.

Selected Publications prior to joining the IASS

  • Translator, “Understanding Renewable Energy Systems” by Volker Quaschning (2nd edition, Routledge) (2015)
  • “German coal conundrum” (2014)
  • Translation of Das Solarbuch for Earthscan (2010)
  • Editor of “Energien intelligent nutzen” at Heise (2007)
  • Editor of “Energie sparen” at Heise (2006)
  • “Energy switch” at New Society Publishers (2006)
  • “Zukunftsenergien” at Heise (2005)

Honours and Awards

  • Cowinner of Eurosolar’s Solar Prize for journalism as a member of Germany’s Energieblogger (2014)
  • Winner of the International Association of Energy Economists’ prize in energy journalism (2014)


Craig Morris, Senior Fellow