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Workshop: Opportunities for Strengthening Ocean Governance in the Southeast Pacific

This workshop by the Secretariat of the Abidjan Convention and the STRONG High Seas project brings together stakeholders to discuss the current status and challenges for global and regional ocean governance, foster exchange and build new networks, as well as identify the key interests and challenges in ocean governance faced by the Southeast Pacific region. One of the goals is the presentation and characterisation of the current status and challenges for ocean governance in the region, especially with regard to the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity, with a focus on areas beyond national jurisdiction.

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Workshop: Transformative sovereign wealth fund

A transformative sovereign wealth fund can contribute to the development and dissemination of a sustainable economy. This workshop focuses on questions such as: Does a transformative sovereign wealth fund have the potential to foster additional investments? How can a transformative sovereign wealth fund pick to invest in the most promising companies for transformation? How can it be governed democratically, efficiently and at low cost?

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Side event to the 4th Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue

Co-Benefits of Renewables: Reviewing the toolbox of assessment methods

IASS - GIZ Expert Roundtable with insights from the China Renewable Energy Outlook and the international COBENEFITS project: in the context of the 2018 Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, the roundtable brings together experts from research, ministries and the science-policy interface to address opportunities to mobilise the social and economic opportunities of renewable energy, opening and elaborating the toolbox of co-benefit assessments, and improving their policy-relevance.

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