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Organisational Structure

IASS Bodies

The IASS is a registered association under German law with three governing bodies: the Board of Directors, the General Assembly, and the Advisory Board. The costs of running the association are covered by project funding provided jointly by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supervisory body of the IASS. It appoints the directors, monitors the legality, appropriateness, and cost effectiveness of their actions, and decides on the budget to be proposed by the Board of Directors. It also appoints the members of the Advisory Board.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises the Board of Directors and the General Assembly by appraising the results of the institute’s work and making recommendations for further strategic development.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the institute and is responsible for the research programme and cooperation with partners from politics, business and civil society.

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Internal Structure of the Institute

IASS research groups are grouped into different research areas and forums. The purpose of the IASS Forums is to strengthen dialogue at the interface of science, policy and society. Each research area has an Area Speaker who represents that area on the Research Integration Committee (RIC). The RIC advises the Board of Directors on research planning and overall strategy. In addition to the Board of Directors, it is composed of the Area Speakers, the heads of the Fellow Programme and Press & Communications Unit, and the science management team. Christoph Becker is the contact person for science management (christoph.becker@iass-potsdam.de).

The Administration manages the institute’s administrative and logistical operations, including its financial and legal affairs as well as personnel and organisational development, the provision of office space and technical infrastructure, and event management.

The Ombudsperson for Research Integrity (ombudsperson@iass-potsdam.de) is there to support and advise IASS researchers on good scientific practice and to prevent scientific misconduct.

The IASS has a Works Council (betriebsrat@iass-potsdam.de), an Equal Opportunities Officer (Linda Auert or her deputy Christina Camier (GBA_EOO@iass-potsdam.de)), and an Officer for Sustainability Management and the Common Good (Wera Wojtkiewicz, wera.wojtkiewicz@iass-potsdam.de), who is currently preparing a sustainability report on the IASS and assessing the institute’s performance in accordance with the Economy for the Common Good matrix. The contact person for early career development is Rebecca Korbach (rebecca.korbach@iass-potsdam.de).

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