Wind turbines in the Indian state of Rajasthan: renewable energies are on the rise across the globe.
Wind turbines in the Indian state of Rajasthan: renewable energies are on the rise across the globe. istock/BremecR

Headline: Global Energy Transition


A sustainable, low-carbon energy supply is essential for achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Renewable energy sources are on the rise around the world. In the electricity sector, capacity additions in renewable energy have recently surpassed those from fossil-based energy sources. Nevertheless, fossil fuels continue to dominate the global energy supply.

Strengthening international energy transition policies

To protect the climate, the global energy transition must be accelerated. As a pioneer in the expansion of renewables and a leading industrial nation, Germany can act as an important trendsetter in the field. However, to be successful, its international energy transition policy should be further expanded and continuously adapted to global changes. In the work area on the "Global Energy Transition", we support this process by analysing global trends and key international energy policy initiatives. Our research focuses particularly on the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency measures at the international level with the aim of identifying entry-points to strengthen global governance and international cooperation in these areas. We maintain close contacts with stakeholders from policy, business, civil society and the research community to ensure that the ideas and solutions we develop are closely aligned with practical needs. Our research findings are disseminated in workshops, panel discussions, studies, policy briefs, and articles in academic journals. The work area focuses in particular on Germany's international energy transition policy, the G20's contribution to a global energy transition, the development of international value chains in the renewable energy sector, promoting renewables in Africa, and the water-energy nexus.