In the transition to sustainability, attitudes and mental models are crucial.
In the transition to sustainability, attitudes and mental models are crucial. istock/cacaroot

Headline: A Mindset for the Anthropocene (AMA)

The research group studies and supports synergies between societal transformations to sustainability and personal consciousness development.

Its point of departure is the realisation that in addition to socio-technical innovations and structural transformation, attitudes and mental models are crucial to the achievement of sustainability. To date, however, the cultivation of inner qualities has mainly been understood in terms of its benefits for individual well-being, health and development, for example in the area of leadership. In this context, mindfulness has often been acknowledged as a megatrend in Western societies.

The research team explores synergies between these areas, offers an online database and platform, and seeks to actively encourage the cultivation of sustainable attitudes and mindsets. Beyond conducting research on these issues, it also sees itself as a living lab and strives for coherence in its own orientation and actions.

In a co-creative research process, the team collaborates with partners from different parts of the world and diverse walks of life, including science, civil society, economics, art, spirituality, the public sector, and politics. It draws on methods from various disciplines, in particular on the insights of process philosophy, social pyschology and complex system dynamics, to develop a practice-oriented approach to relationship-based system transformation.

The team publishes its key findings in academic publications and other formats. It also organises regular networking and empowerment workshops aimed at strategically supporting the participants in co-creative processes in their efforts to advance transformations.