Headline: Forums: Science, Policy, Society

Forums: Science, Policy, Society is a cross-sectional research area with a particular focus on supporting the IASS' mission by facilitating dialogue between science, policy-makers, and civil society actors. This research area addresses topics of strategic importance, such as the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, as well as providing other research areas at the IASS with forums to build connectivity across science, policymaking and society. The dialogues fostered through these instruments are integral to the mission of the IASS. All of the research groups associated with this area perform research of a transformative nature, with their findings contributing to research across the Institute and flowing from the IASS into processes of transformation towards sustainability. Their findings are based on research focussed squarely on transformations, complementing research conducted across the other five areas in line with the Institute's mission. Forums: Science, Policy, Society works closely with IASS Fellows and this cooperation contributes to the area's strategic goals. The research area touches explicitly on the various levels at which transformations towards sustainability occur: global, national, local. The research area has ties to all of the major actors contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Germany and abroad. It is also building a strategic network of relevant partners within science and the political sphere that are working on climate issues at the intersection of climate and air quality. Forums: Science, Policy, Society is an instrument for strategic cooperation, both within science and with actors in politics and society. Currently comprising the research groups Science Platform Sustainability 2030, International Dialogues for Pathways to Sustainable Futures as well as Climate Action in National and International Processes and Sustainability Platform Brandenburg, this area integrates key actors from the fields of sustainability and climate research and practice into the Institute's activities.


IASS Research on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Dossier

An important crossroads: at the end of September the UN member states voted on a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to initiate a global transformation towards sustainability. The Sustainable Development Goals are more extensive than their precursor, the eight Millennium Development Goals, which have often been criticised for not giving enough attention to the ecological dimensions of sustainability, or for considering it only in isolation. The primary goal remains the eradication of poverty.


Call for Researchers

Scientific Online Consultation on the German Sustainability Strategy

From 31 May 2019, researchers of all disciplines are invited to contribute to the further development of Germany’s Sustainable Development Strategy – the overarching framework for sustainability policy in Germany. For this purpose, the Science Platform Sustainability 2030 is organising the online consultation “A Question of Science: Putting Germany’s Sustainability Strategy to the Test”.

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“Make sustainability a key principle of the European Union’s new strategic agenda!”

“Sustainability must become a key principle of the European Union’s new strategic agenda,” argues Patrizia Nanz, co-chair of the Science Platform Sustainability 2030, in the run-up to the meeting of the European Council in Romania on 9 May 2019. The meeting will bring together the heads of state and government of the EU Member States to discuss the Union’s future political direction and priorities.

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Governing in Times of Digitalisation and the Crisis of Democracy: Policy Brief Points the Way to Innovative Governance

Digitalisation is changing not only how we live and work, but also how governments operate and make laws. Synthetic biology and new genetic engineering methods allow for targeted interventions in our bodies, quality of life and private sphere, while also transforming the way we think about society and politics. The erstwhile peace project Europe is mired in crisis, and people are losing faith in democracy and the state. There is an urgent need for innovations to open up new avenues for politics and administration. A new IASS Policy Brief makes a number of recommendations for governing in the twenty-first century.

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