Verena van Zyl-Bulitta

Verena van Zyl-Bulitta

Research Associate

Verena van Zyl-Bulitta's education commenced with a BBA at the International University, Germany, focusing on international business studies, finance, systems dynamics and computer science. Thereafter, to prepare for the graduate programme, she studied business engineering in Karlsruhe and econophysics in Ulm for one semester. During her master studies (MComm by research) at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, she specialized in quantitative finance and pattern recognition. Subsequently, she studied at the sustainability institute in Lynedoch and practiced methods of sustainability assessment and modelling at several institutes in Stellenbosch (CSIR, Gaia carbon sciences, Consulting and Analytical Services). During the initiation phase of DiDaT, she is in the process of completing her doctoral thesis in the field of innovation and a bottom-up energy system analysis at the University of Leipzig. In her leisure time she engages with ecopsychology, ecofeminism and utopias.

  • 2019-present IASS DiDaT project research associate
  • 2015-2016 MASimBa project research associate
  • 2014-present PhD studies in energy system analysis (Leipzig University)
  • 2008-2014 Consultant and research associate for different projects and institutions in South Africa
  • 2005-2007 Master studies quantitative finance (Stellenbosch University)
  • 2004/05 Winter semester courses in econophysics (University of Ulm) and financial engineering (TU Karlsruhe)
  • 2001-2004 Bachelor studies, international university Bruchsal
  • Systems theory and sciences
  • Transdisciplinarity
  • Transitions / social change processes at the nexus between socio-technical and social-ecological systems
  • Common pool resource theory especially algorithmic governance of common pool resources
  • Theoretical ecology

Publications at the IASS

Publications prior to joining the IASS

  • van Zyl-Bulitta, V.H. (2019), Framing Commons for Society-Technology for Electric Infrastructure Supply Systems, in: Nicolescu, B., Yeh, R. T., Ertas, A. (Eds.), The Academy of Transdisciplinary Learning & Advanced Studies (Atlas): Being Transdisciplinary, ISBN: 978-0-9998733-1-1.
  • van Zyl-Bulitta, V.H. (2018), The emperor's new clothes or sustainability in disguise - potentials for energy transition beyond voluntarism and compulsion, 6th International Degrowth Conference for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity, Malmö, Sweden, August.
  • van Zyl-Bulitta, V.H., Stafford, W.H.L., Wong, J.G. (2017), Navigating energy system options across the Global North-South, BIWAES Naples, September.
  • van Zyl-Bulitta, V.H., Kremers, E., Otte, R. (2017), Local mechanisms to support energy system balancing aligned to the current electricity grid state, BIWAES Naples, September.
  • van Zyl-Bulitta, V.H. (2017), Understanding the roles of co-prosumers beyond techno-social aspects in smart grids in respect of social resilience, Proceedings of the 12th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water, and Environment Systems, SDEWES2017, Dubrovnik.
  • Van Zyl-Bulitta, V.H., Cabotà, J. (2016), Pricing structures for energy coprosumption: an agent-based model, Paper and Poster presented at the Social Simulation Conference (SSC2016), Rome, September 2016.
  • van Zyl-Bulitta, V.H., Amigun, B., Brent, A. C. (2009), Towards a SADC model to assess financing options of renewable energy technologies, in: Energy and Sustainability 2009, WIT Press, pp. 91-102, ISBN: 978-1-84564-191-7.
  • Van Zyl-Bulitta, V.H., Otte, R., van Rooyen, J. H. (2009), Layer histogram patterns in financial time series, in: Corporate ownership and control, Volume 6, Spring 2009, pp. 137-146, ISSN: 1727-9232.
  • Received scholarships for the Master and PhD studies from South Africa and Austria
  • Graduated master and bachelor studies with distinction
  • since 2017: TIAS - the integrated assessment society
  • 2017: SCTPLS - Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences