Matthias Honegger

Matthias Honegger

Research Associate

  • Since 2016: Project Scientist, IASS Potsdam
  • Since 2014: External advisor on climate change at Risk-Dialogue Foundation
  • Since 2012: Climate Policy Consultant at Perspectives Climate Change
  • Since 2012: Observer to UN climate negotiations with numerous presentations at side events
  • 2010-2013: MSc Env. Sc ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Within the climate engineering project, I am focusing on the question, whether biased risk perceptions of climate engineering contribute to a marginalization of climate engineering as a potential element of a broader strategy to address climate change. Furthermore, I explore the current climate policy regime to identify governance elements, which could help consider carbon removal technologies and eventually solar radiation management approaches in an adequate manner within the international climate regime.

Publications at the IASS

Publications prior to joining the IASS

  • Horton, J.; Keith, D.; Honegger, M. (2016): Implications of the Paris Agreement for Carbon Dioxide Removal and Solar Geoengineering; Harvard Project on Climate Agreements Viewpoints, July 2016, Cambridge, MA, US.
  • Dransfeld, B.; Honegger, M.; Michaelowa, A.; Bagh, T.; Bürgi, P.; Friedmann, V.; Hoch, S; Puhl, I.; Warland, L.; Wehner, S. (2016): SD- Benefits in Future Market Mechanisms under the UNFCCC. Umweltbundesamt (UBA), Berlin, Germany.
  • Michaelowa, A.; Honegger, M.; Hoch, S. (2016): Analysis of the MRV issues underlying the development of a NAMA from a PoA in the Republic of Rwanda. Perspectives Climate Research gGmbH, Mulheim, Germany.
  • Wooders, P.; Michaelowa, A.; Honegger, M.; Hoch, S.; Gass, P.; Matsuo, T.; Johnson, M; Harries, J. Villa, V.; Bridle, R.; Beaton, C. (2016): Supporting Energy Pricing Reform and Carbon Pricing Policies Through Crediting, IISD, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Honegger, M.; Michaelowa, A.; Edwards, T. (2015): Assessing Global Climate Engineering Governance. Policy Dialogue Brief, The Stanley Foundation, 209 Iowa Avenue Muscatine, Iowa, US.
  • Dransfeld, B.; Hoch, S.; Michaelowa, A.; Honegger, M. (2015): Analysis of Possible New Market Mechanisms Pilot Activities beyond the PMR. German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Berlin, Germany.
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  • Honegger, M.; Michaelowa, A.; Sugathapala K. (2013): Tackling climate change - where can the generic framework be located? Carbon and Climate Law Review.
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  • Honegger M. and Butzengeiger S. (2013): Abundant, carbon-free new energy technologies – can we turn wishful thinking into reality? Perspectives Climate Change working paper series.
  • Honegger M., Michaelowa A. & Butzengeiger S. (2012): Climate Engineering: Avoiding Pandora’s Box through Research and Governance, in: FNI Climate Policy Perspectives (5) the Fridtjof Nansen Institute.
  • Supporting Energy Pricing Reform through Crediting – insights from a recent study conducted for the World Bank. World Bank Workshop at Carbon Expo 2016.
  • The Potential Role of Sustainable Development Co-benefits in the Paris Market Mechanisms (Side Event by Umweltbundesamt at Carbon Expo 2016.
  • Das Pariser Klimaabkommen: was bedeutet es für unsere Generation? (Closing session of the 4th Sustainability Week of the five Zurich based Universities.
  • Market mechanisms surprises in the Paris Agreement & repercussions on NDCs. Zurich Carbon Market Association Panel „Digesting the COP in Paris“.
  • Experiences with INDC development on the ground (Zurich Carbon Market Association Panel „What ambition for Paris?“.
  • Impact of SRM on Preferences for Mitigation by Application of Cultural Cognition. Climate Engineering Research Symposium.
  • Market mechanisms in national climate targets. Carbon Expo 2015.
  • Nesting CDM in NAMAs - conceptual aspects. Zurich Carbon Market Association Panel.
  • The Politics of Climate Engineering. Climate Engineering Conference 2014.
  • The UN Climate Convention is the most adequate forum to launch a decision making process on CE (Climate Engineering Conference 2014).
  • The state of the NAMA pipeline. Looking at the Numbers: Expert Analysts’ Roundtable
  • An Assessment of Private Climate Finance Mobilized by Switzerland (Side event „The Landscape of Climate Finance in France & Germany: What role for public and private money?“).
  • The Climate Engineering Governance Challenge from a Climate Policy Perspective (NSSI Presentation Series).
  • The Role of CDM and NAMAs to Promote Greenhouse Gas Reductions in the GCC (Gulf Research Council Oxford Meeting).