Marc Melliger

Marc André Melliger

Research Associate

Marc Melliger did a Master in Environmental Sciences at ETH Zurich where he specialised in environmental policy and systems. In his Masters-thesis he analysed the potential for electro-mobility in Switzerland and Finland, and was later awarded with the ETH-medal for this work.

In 2017, he started pursuing a PhD in energy policy at ETH Zurich under the supervision of Prof. Johan Lilliestam. In 2019 he and the energy transition dynamics group moved to IASS Potsdam where he continues to work on his PhD. Marc writes his dissertation in the context of the TRIPOD project and investigates how investors of renewable energies such as PV and wind react to different support policy settings.

He is particularly interested in topics such as energy systems and policy, sustainable mobility, environmental problems, system modelling, programming and statistics. Besides his academic career, Marc has been working in an energy policy consultancy, focusing on building energy demand and energy efficiency.