Joana Leitao

Dr. Joana Leitao

Research Associate

Joana Leitao’s research work in the atmospheric sciences explores the impacts of air pollution and interactions between climate change and air quality. She graduated as an environmental engineer from Aveiro University, Portugal and subsequently completed an MSc in Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University. As a doctoral candidate, she was part of the evaluation team of the GEMS and MACC European projects and used NO2 satellite measurements to evaluate the results obtained by the modellers in those projects. After gaining her PhD in Environmental Physics from Bremen University, she carried out postdoc research at the Air Quality and Climate Unit at the EU Joint Research Centre. There, her work mostly focused on the development and use of the TM5-FASST source-receptor model. In the FP7 LIMITS project, she assessed the co-benefits of climate mitigation policies for air quality as well as evaluating air quality indicators and the impact of air pollution on human health (premature mortalities) and ecosystems. In July 2017, she joined the Air Quality Modelling for Policy Advice team at the IASS, where she will work on improving emission inventory datasets.