Jeremias Herberg

Dr. Jeremias Herberg

Research Group Leader

Jeremias Herberg is heading the project "Social Transformation and Policy Advice in Lusatia" together with Johannes Staemmler. The goal is to develop and apply democratic means in the social and economic transformation that is accelerated by the end of coal mining. He also works as a research associate in the project "Co-Creation and Contemporary Policy Advice".

He studied Sociology in Vienna, Science and Technology Studies in Maastricht and received his PhD after being a Visiting Scholar at UC California, Berkeley in sustainability research in Lüneburg.

His research explores the scope for cross-field collaboration in transformation processes. The dissertation on the so-called skills gap developed a field-theoretical approach and shows, based on regional comparisons and a two-year organizational ethnography, how educational organizations deal with regional economic expectations. In a post-doc project in Lüneburg he examined the knowledge-historical entwinement of transdisciplinary research approaches with politics and industry. A resulting methodology is based on the principle of shifting perspectives.