Dr. Henrike Knappe

Dr. Henrike Knappe

Research Group Leader

Henrike Knappe has been Scientific Project Leader of the Futurisation of Politics project at the IASS since January 2017. Her research focuses on the political representation of future generations and the contexts and practices of democratic representation. Henrike studied political science at the University of Bremen, the University of Kraków and the Freie Universität Berlin. During a research internship at the University of Washington in Seattle she started researching the transnational networks of non-governmental organisations. Her doctoral thesis investigated practices of deliberation, participation and representation in transnational civil society networks. Henrike worked at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI) Essen before joining the IASS.

  • Since January 2017 Scientific Project Leader of the Futurisation of Politics project at the IASS
  • May-December 2016 Post-Doc Researcher at the IASS
  • May 2014-March 2016 Post-Doc Researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI Essen) in the "Culture of Participation" research area
  • 2010-2014 PhD student at the Centre for the Study of Democracy, Leuphana University Lüneburg
  • March-April 2011 Visiting PhD student at the University of Stockholm, Sweden for the project "Transdemos"
  • February-June 2010 Visiting Graduate Research Assistant at the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
  • 2004-2010 studies in political science at the University of Bremen, the University of Kraków (Poland), and the Freie Universität Berlin
  • Democratic theory
  • Representation concepts in political theory
  • Participatory practices
  • Practice theory
  • Transnational civil society
  • Feminist political theory

Publications at the IASS

Publications prior to joining the IASS

  • Doing Democracy Differently. Political Practices and Transnational Civil Society (2017) Budrich UniPress, Leverkusen.
  • Introduction (2017) in: Nanz, Patrizia and Henrike Knappe (eds) Special Issue: Gutes Leben und technologischer Fortschritt, KWI Working Paper Series, Essen. (with Patrizia Nanz)
  • Transnationale Zivilgesellschaftsnetzwerke in Mittel-und Osteuropa (2015) in: Marung, Steffi and Matthias Middel (eds) Transnational Actors - Crossing Borders. Leipziger Universitätsverlag, Leipzig.
  • Between Whisper and Voice: NGOized Women's Movement Outreach in the UK and Germany (2014) with Sabine Lang, European Journal of Women's Studies 21 (4).
  • Vielfältige Partizipation oder Repräsentation von Vielfalt in der Occupy-Bewegung? (2014) in: Löw, Martina (ed.)Vielfalt und Zusammenhalt Verhandlungen des 36. Kongresses der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie in Bochum und Dortmund 2012. Campus Verlag, Frankfurt am Main. Selected Conference Papers
  • 'Because I feel it's my role to deal with disagreement.' Doing Representation in Transnational Civil Society (2017) Paper presented at the AKSiB Workshop "Micro-Moves in International Institutions", Potsdam
  • Contextual inequality and empowered participation. The case of community organizing (2016) with Esther Trost, Paper presented at the IPSA World Congress of Political Science, Poznan
  • Between Disembodied Communication and Empowerment: Participation Inside the Clean Clothes Campaign, Paper presented at the SiB-Arbeitstagung "Entgrenzte politische Teilhabe? Beiträge zu einer politischen Soziologie transnationaler Mobilisierungs- bzw. Partizipationsprozesse", Berlin
  • Democratic innovations in context: rethinking participation. (2015) with Patrizia Nanz, Paper presented at the ECPR Joint Session Warsaw
  • The National Roots of European Publics: Comparing Online Engagement of National and Transnational Women's Advocacy Networks (2014) with Sabine Lang, Paper presented at the Council for European Studies Conference, Washington D.C.
  • Do European women's NGOs generate publics? Online advocacy in the UK, Germany and Brussels (2013) with Sabine Lang, Paper presented at the European Conference on Gender and Politics, Barcelona
  • Civil Society Networks and Democratic Decision-Making (2012),Paper presented at the 4th ECPR Graduate Conference, Bremen
  • Public Engagement vs. Institutional Influence Strategies: Comparing Trade and Environmental Advocacy Networks at the National and EU levels in Germany and the UK (2011), with W. Lance Bennett, Sabine Lang and Alexandra Segerberg, Paper presented at the 6th ECPR General Conference, Reykjavik