Gina Auer

Gina Auer

Student Assistant

Gina joined the IASS in March 2022 and supports the Press and Communications Department. She is currently studying Politics & Law at the University Münster and focuses primarily on feminist issues, sustainability/ climate adaption and participation of citizens in transformation processes. On municipal level she's a district representative and advocates for a climate-neutral and socially fair Münster. In October she will start her internship in Berlin.

  • 2018-22: Studies in Politics & Law at University of Münster
  • since 2020: Green Party Spokesperson of the district council in Münster
  • 2021: Tutor for Comparative Politics at University of Münster
  • 2021-22: Semester abroad at Kültür University, Istanbul

*Feminist Issues *Climate Adaption

  • Participation in transformation processes