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Dr. Anne-Katrin Holfelder

Research Associate

Anne-Katrin Holfelder joined the IASS in May 2017. In the Futurisation of Politics project she investigates the social and individual parameters and possibilities for taking a long-term perspective in decision-making. Her work revolves mainly around empirical questions such as how today’s adolescents perceive the future and what factors influence long-term and sustainable decisions. She takes an educational perspective when considering the tensions between the societal need for an education for sustainability and the needs of the target group itself. Anne studied biology, chemistry, biochemistry and educational sciences at the Universities of Hamburg and Kiel from 2004 to 2011 and received her doctorate from the University of Hamburg in 2016. In her doctoral thesis she examined the significance of implicit knowledge for education for sustainable development. This research was based on the reconstruction of the implicit knowledge (or attitudes) of teenagers aged 15 to 18 gleaned from discussing sustainability-related issues with them. Before joining the IASS, Anne worked as a research associate at the University of Hamburg (faculty of education) and at the University of Koblenz-Landau (Center for Education and Research at Extra-curricular Locations (ZentrAL)).