Headline: Exploring the Future of Energy – Nobel Week Dialogue

How can we establish a safe and sustainable energy future in the context of dwindling natural resources and growing greenhouse gas emissions? What would be the role of science?

Recognising the increasing international relevance of this topic, the 2013 Nobel Week Dialogue on December 9th, in Gothenburg (Sweden), was dedicated to Exploring the Future of Energy and debating the connection between fundamental scientific discoveries and society’s production and use of energy. Nobel Laureates and world-leading scientists, as well as policy makers and business representatives gathered to discuss emerging energy challenges such as the need to balance energy demand with climate change concerns.

IASS Scientific Director and Nobel Laureate Prof. Carlo Rubbia will be participating in two panel discussions, pertaining to the role of curiosity in scientific progress and to the future prospects of nuclear power.

Morning Plenary Sessions

Morning Plenary Sessions


The annual Nobel Week Dialogue, initiated in 2012, is part of the events leading to the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony (December 10th).

The program of the conference can be found here.
The videos of the discussions are available here.