Headline: Climate Engineering Conference 2014 (CEC14): Registration now open

The inaugural Climate Engineering Conference 2014 (CEC14): Critical Global Discussions, to be held in Berlin from August 18th-21st 2014, is now open for general registration. We invite all prospective participants to register, as well as find an application for funding support, here. The conference fee includes admission to all sessions, a daily lunch buffet, and two public events. This is a great opportunity to join a forum for vigorous exchange and creative dialogue about climate engineering.

Organized by an interdisciplinary collective of researchers and practitioners and led by Stefan Schäfer and Mark Lawrence (both IASS), CEC14 is open to all. The only required contribution that participants must make is to lend their voice to the discussions. The conference will seek:

  • to address comprehensively and in a balanced manner the technical, geophysical/geochemical, and social (political, ethical, economic, legal, cultural) contexts in which the idea of engineering the climate is being contemplated;
  • to provide a forum to review the current state of the debate, present and discuss recent research results, and scope key research questions and challenges for academia and society, covering both solar radiation management (SRM) and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies;
  • to serve as a platform for exchange, networking, and collaboration across disciplines, sectors (particularly academia, policy and civil society), geographical regions, cultures, and generations; and to promote dialogue and transparency in the international debate on climate engineering.

We encourage all participants to make unique contributions either to the sessions or in the form of a poster, work of art, or through some other medium. Information on submitting an abstract can be found here.

We also invite participants to peruse a number of useful links on the CEC14 website:

For further information please also see