Headline: IASS Events & Sustainability

The IASS organizes and hosts a variety of conferences, meetings, and workshops. These activities result in climate-harming CO2 emissions. According to the climate protection organization atmosfair, the arrival and departure of the participants is on average responsible for around 70 per cent of events-related emissions. Accommodation accounts for 15 per cent and groceries make up about 10 per cent. Energy requirements, event infrastructure and venues are responsible for around 5 per cent of the emissions. 

To reduce the environmental impact of our events as far as possible, we constantly work to optimize our events to deliver better climate outcomes. These efforts focus on the following aspects:

1.   Mobility:

  • We inform participants in advance on how to reach the event venue by public transport.
  • We try to schedule our events so that an arrival and departure by train is possible and air travel can be avoided.
  • We also try to keep the number of hotels nights required as low as possible.
  • Unfortunately, the IASS cannot contribute to carbon offsetting programmes due to funding regulations. In our invitations, we suggest that participants offset their travel-related emissions through a carbon offsetting provider.

2.   Catering:

We offer exclusively vegetarian and vegan food at our events. We order sparingly to minimize waste. We provide paper bags so that guests can take leftover food that is easy to transport with them.

At the IASS:

We mainly offer seasonal, regional, organically grown and fairly-traded food.

A careful selection of beverages is available to employees, including:

  • tap water
  • organic milk from Brandenburg
  • tea bags without plastic packaging
  • fair trade coffee

External events:

As far as possible, we order seasonal, regional, organically grown and fairly traded products from external venues / catering services. Here too, we mainly offer tap water to participants.

3.   Choice of venues

Many of our events take place at the IASS. Our electricity is sourced from 100% hydropower and we use rechargeable batteries to power equipment at our events. Meeting and conference rooms are heated to a comfortable and sustainable 20 degrees Celsius.

Where possible, our external events are held at venues whose sustainability has been certified to standards such as www.greenglobe.com, www.ecolabel.eu, www.emas.de.

4.   Participant management

The invitation processes for our events are carried out electronically and we largely avoid the use of handouts on the day of the event.

5.   Conference materials

Our print shop is DIN ISO 14001 certified for systematic environmental management. To avoid waste, displays of print publications are kept to a minimum and publications are made available for download. We also distribute conference documents electronically.

We provide participants with pencils instead of pens. Where name tags are supplied in plastic sleeves, these are collected after the event and used several times. Where lanyards are provided, these are made from recycled materials or renewable raw materials. Conference bags provided by the IASS are made from organically grown cotton and have a "Global Organic Textile Standard" certification.

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