Headline: Equality

Achieving equality is a central challenge for efforts to foster a society that is sustainable and fair. The IASS is inspired by the vision of a world in which employees enjoy equal opportunities and a good work-life balance and in which the diversity of humankind is acknowledged.
The IASS is committed to achieving gender parity across its workforce and actively promotes equality in the workplace. With the support of the Equal Opportunities Officer, Linda Auert, and her deputy, Christina Camier, the leadership of the IASS is working to increase the proportion of female employees at the Institute, especially in management positions. Efforts to improve the work-life balance of employees through flexible working arrangements and other measures is a distinctive aspect of the Institute's culture. Measures to promote gender equality, support diversity, and combat discrimination are addressed as cross-cutting issues at the IASS and play a role in all relevant strategic decisions and processes.
The Institute developed its "Guidelines for Gender Sensitive Communication" in 2017 and a "Gender Equality and Diversity Strategy" in 2018. A working group comprising representatives from the Institute's administration and research staff meets regularly to develop this strategy further and address issues relating to equality and diversity.

Since January 2020, an Equal Opportunities Officer and her deputy have been tasked with implementing the Federal Act on Gender Equality (BGleiG) at the IASS. They are committed to improving equity for men, women, transgender, and intersex persons, and support efforts to pursue this goal across all programmes and measures. The various measures adopted at the IASS include events and workshops, gender-differentiated statistics and evaluations, personnel and career development measures.