Headline: Veranstaltungen

Global Sustainability Strategy Forum – 1st Expert Meeting

The Global Sustainability Strategy Forum provides vital input by making knowledge for sustainable development from diverse sources more accessible and actionable for effective policy decision-making. Many systems for measuring the state of sustainability produce results that can seem contradictory or conflicting to policymakers and other actors. What is needed are balanced, scientifically informed, and integrative judgements as to the meaning, significance, and implications of these findings, for the global and regional levels.

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Symposium "Friends of the Open Society"

How can digitalization be part of a sustainability transformation? How should we as a society stand up for our hard-won consensus on rationality, the rule of law, and scientific progress? Anja Karliczek, Federal Minister of Education and Research, and Klaus Töpfer, Founding Director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, will discuss these questions with their guests at an event honouring Klaus Töpfer, whose 80th birthday we are celebrating this year.

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Vortrag und Diskussion zum Buch „Macroeconomics without Growth“

Wie kann eine Volkswirtschaft ohne Wachstum organisiert werden? Das Buch "Macroeconomics Without Growth" von Steffen Lange liefert ein umfassendes Verständnis darüber, wie nicht-wachsende Volkswirtschaften in einem breiten Verständnis nachhaltig sein können. Mit Bezug zu volkswirtschaftlichen Theorien - neoklassisch, keynesianisch und marxistisch – gibt das Buch u.a. Antworten auf folgende Fragen: Ist Nullwachstum in einem kapitalistischen Wirtschaftssystem möglich? Welche Rolle spielen Unternehmen, Märkte und der technologische Wandel in einer Post-Wachstumsgesellschaft?

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Towards an International Forum for Regional Ocean Governance

This international workshop, hosted by the IASS in cooperation with the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) and TMG – Think Tank for Sustainability will provide opportunities for the participants to provide inputs and guidance for the development of the concept of the Marine Regions Forum. On this occasion, the Advisory Board for the Marine Regions Forum will be established.

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IASS/UBA Dialogue Meeting with German stakeholders:

The Principle of the ‘Common Heritage of Mankind’ and its implications for the Exploitation Regulations of the ISA

A second dialogue meeting, jointly organised by UBA and IASS, took place at IASS on November 15, 2016. 21 participants from science, ministries and advisory bodies, NGOs and other stakeholders discussed the ‘Common Heritage of Mankind’ Principle in context with the globally adopted sustainability agenda (UN Agenda 2030). The issue was whether and if yes how the implementation of the Principle could be adjusted to today´s need for a balanced approach to ecosystem protection and use.

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UBA/IASS - Fachgespräch in Potsdam

Der Vorteilsausgleich des Gemeinsamen Erbes – Was ist gemeint?

Anforderungen des Prinzips „Common Heritage of Mankind“ und der ökonomischen Theorie „Naturkapital“ sowie Ausgestaltung eines angemessenen Finanzmechanismus

Das Seerechtsübereinkommen hat den Tiefseeboden und seine Ressourcen zum Gemeinsamen Erbe der Menschheit erklärt („Common Heritage of Mankind“). Ein Kernelement dieses Prinzips ist die Verpflichtung zum Vorteilsausgleich („benefit sharing“).

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