Headline: Veranstaltungen

STRONG High Seas Webinar:

Marine Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction in the Southeast Pacific and Southeast Atlantic

Dealing with topics around the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in ABNJ, this webinar will specifically focus on the status and role of marine biodiversity in ABNJ, including the threats and challenges it faces as well as the opportunities for its conservation and sustainable use, both globally and in the Southeast Pacific and Southeast Atlantic regions.

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Launch of the Standardised Guidelines for Life Cycle and Techno-Economic Assessment of CO2 Utilisation Technologies

Innovative CO2 utilisation technologies have shown great potential in reducing environmental impacts and creating economic opportunities. Standardised life-cycle assessment (LCA) and techno-economic assessment (TEA) guidelines are crucial for a comprehensive and transparent comparison between different technologies. The guidelines aim at enabling a comprehensive and transparent comparison between different technologies, reducing ambiguity in assessment results and avoiding pitfalls, thus accelerating funding decisions and promoting further technology development.

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Carbon Capture and Utilisation Technologies - Technological status, environmental impacts, and policy developments.

The public event will consist of a presentation of findings by the contractor and followed by a panel discussion around key issue areas identified during the study. The panel will be composed of leading experts in the field of CCU from the side of academia, industry and policy, and will lead to discussions on topics such as current and future potential for CCU technologies in the EU, industry and research efforts, policy implications, links to EU climate objectives, energy issues, and impacts on other technologies (such as electrification, hydrogen, and renewables).

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European Consortium for Political Research

Comparative Implementation of the SDGs in the Regional Seas

This panel will explore how different ocean governance efforts, including Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans, Regional Fisheries Bodies, Political and economic communities that engage in regional ocean governance, Leader-driven Regional Ocean Governance initiatives, and other ad hoc agreements and initiatives, respond to the challenges and opportunities in implementing SDG 14 and other ocean related SDGs.

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„Spuren in der Arktis“

Das IASS und das Ecologic Institute laden Sie im Namen des Umweltbundesamt ein, sich über eine Region im Wandel und deutsche Aktivitäten in der Arktis zu informieren. Am 22. Oktober 2018 wird ab 17.30 Uhr der Sauriersaal des Museums für Naturkunde in Berlin ganz im Zeichen der eisigen Welt rund um den Nordpol stehen. Vertreterinnen und Vertreter aus der Arktisforschung stellen sich Ihren Fragen.

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