Overline: Exhibition
Headline: New Horizons II: Art in Brandenburg

Exponat Ausstellung New Horzons Kunst in Brandenburg Potsdam
Inna Perkas and IASS Fellow Kat Austen present an artistic dialogue with the artwork "outdoor space" in the workshop project, taking Austen's sound art project "This Land is not mine" on sustainable transformation in Lusatia as a starting point. IASS/ S. Letz

Under the title NEW HORIZONS II, artistic works, projects and locations by Brandenburg artists are on exhibition. IASS Fellow Kat Austen was also a contributor to the previously held workshop discussions from which the exhibition emerged.

Together with artist Inna Perkas Kat Austen created an artistic dialogue, which can be seen in the exhibition with the exhibit "Außenraum". It starts from Austen's sound art project "This Land is not mine" on sustainable transformation and cultural identities in Lusatia.

On the grounds of Cottbus University Library, an S-shaped glass building designed by architects Herzog and de Meuron, Inna Perkas draws abstracts with graphite crayon on a roll of parchment in response to surroundings, sounds, and the weather. The process is captured cinematically with image and sound by Kat Austen.

All of the exhibition's contributions deal with central issues and fields of action of the present day - whether locally in the regions or from universal perspectives that seek to reach far beyond national borders: Nature and the environment, participation and community, history and memory, utopias and visions.

The exhibition runs until September 11, 2021 in the rooms of the Brandenburg Association of Visual Artists, Charlottenstraße 122 in Potsdam.