Overline: Workshop
Headline: Building Capacities for Regional Ocean Governance: Marine Genetic Resources and Area-based Management Tools

This workshop will bring together ministry representatives and UN negotiators from the Southeast Pacific, Southeast Atlantic and Southwest Pacific regions with the objectives to discuss marine genetic resources (MGRs) in the context of the global negotiations; exchange on lessons learnt and best practices in regional ocean governance, particularly with regard to the conservation of biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction through the application of area-based management tools (ABMTs); highlight the importance, opportunities and challenges of regional ocean governance approaches for the implementation of a future BBNJ agreement under UNCLOS, including the perspectives of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) for participation and implementation; and provide a networking opportunity for participants from different regions and countries and ensure mutual learning.

Venue: New York, USA
Organizer: STRONG High Seas
Invite: open to participants and delegates at UN Negotiations