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The social acceptance of autonomous vehicles

The deployment of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is an exciting goal for many cities, as evidenced by the number of AV technologies that are currently on trial around the world, such as in The Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden,

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Green Deal als »Ende der freien Gesellschaft«?

Gegen das Projekt eines (Europäischen) Green Deal beschwört die populistische Rechte die Dystopie einer drohenden Öko-Diktatur. Welche Rolle spielt diese dystopische Denkfigur im politischen Diskurs? Für wen ist dieses Zukunftsbild glaubwürdig?

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Casting a wider net on ocean NETs

Societal issues involving policies and publics are generally understudied in research on ocean-based Negative Emission Technologies (NETs), yet will be crucial if novel techniques are ever to function at scale.

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