Headline: Veranstaltungen in 2020


Fahrradkonzert (ABGESAGT)

Am 14. Juni finden in Potsdam unter dem Motto „ Mobil, Klimafreundlich & Nachhaltig“ die Fahrradkonzerte statt, die seit 2009 vom Büro der Musikfestspiele Potsdam organisiert werden. In diesem Jahr wird das IASS eine der Stationen sein. Von 12:30 bis 14:30 Uhr sind unsere Tore für BesucherInnen geöffnet.

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IOG-Forum - Thematic Working Groups

With the International Ocean Governance Forum (IOG-Forum), the European Commission together with the European External Action Service (EEAS) is developing a new discussion and exchange platform for international ocean governance under the lead of the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG Mare). As a kick-off, the three thematic working groups will offer online webinars between 22 and 24 April 2020 to present the objectives and contents of the IOG Forum and the thematic working groups.

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CIFE-IASS Workshop: Systemic Risks, Geopolitics of the Energy Transition, Global Digital Economy

What are the best pathways for sustainable futures? Master in Global Economic Governance & Public Affairs run an international dialogue with researchers of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS). Better Governance is at the core of major challenges of the 21st century such as Systemic Risks and the Covid19 crises, the Geopolitics of the Energy Transition, Global Digital Economy”.

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Second Global Sustainability Strategy Forum - Engaging between the academic strengths of sciences, arts, and humanities and the needs of the business community

This meeting of the Forum is designed to develop common strategic ground between leaders in business and sustainability science. The focus will be on the potential contributions of science to work effectively with businesses that have become committed to fostering transformation to a just and equitable sustainable society in partnership with political, social and cultural actors.

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The Sustainable Development Goals: innovative ways to deliver accelerated action and transformative pathways in Europe

What can we learn from those who are doing things differently and use the decade of action to close the sustainable development implementation gap in Europe? The aim of the event is to consider how a European level dialogue between governments, civil society, academic and business communities, can strengthen our collective capacity to mobilise and accelerate transformation processes in our communities and regions.

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Lernreise der Kirchenleitungen der Pfalz

An der geplanten Lernreise nehmen unter anderem der Generalvikar des Bistums Speyer und die zuständige Oberkirchenrätin der pfälzischen Landeskirche sowie insgesamt 30 kirchliche Verantwortungsträgerinnen und -träger teil. Die Delegation wird am 04. März am IASS sein, um sich über verschiedene Nachhaltigkeitsthemen zu informieren und auszutauschen.

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Enhancing the Knowledge Base for Cross-Sectoral Management and Ocean Governance in ABNJ of the Southeast Pacific

This workshop is organised with the aim to bring together stakeholders to discuss current challenges as well as opportunities for global and regional ocean governance, foster exchange of knowledge and information, and build new networks. It will apply an interactive approach to enable information exchange between participants and explore various topics.

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