Headline: Prof. Carlo Rubbia gives key-note speech at IEEC 2011

14th July, 2011. Organized by the major Associations of Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea, the International Conference of Electrical Engineers, ICEE 2011, has taken place from 10th to 14th July in Hong Kong. At the end of the Conference, representatives from each country, together with the IASS Scientific Director, Prof. Carlo Rubbia, collaboratively signed the "Hong Kong Declaration”, disclosing to the public their agreement and determination for continuous research and further back-up support towards a low-carbon economy. The overall mission of the ICEE 2011 was to exploit the concept of low-carbon economy as an emergence to tackle the problem of climate change. More than 500 international scientists, engineers, researchers and other experts supported the conference. Prof. Carlo Rubbia in his keynote address to the Assembly emphasized the importance of pursuing vigorously innovative research lines. His presentation “Superconductivity: From Particle Accelerators to High Power Long Distance Electricity” was received with great interest by the representatives of the EE Associations of China, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.
The ICEE 2011 focussed on smart and low carbon electrical engineering and the international panelists discussed the following major topics:
  • Energy choices to achieve low-carbon economy
  • The introduction of electric vehicles in Asian cities
  • Railways as a smart and green transportation system