Esther Schuch

Dr. Esther Schuch

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Esther Schuch joined the IASS in January 2021 as a postdoc for the ISIGET project which analyses the risks and benefits of the clean energy transition for countries of the global south. She holds a PhD in Environmental and Natural Resource Management from Wageningen University (WUR). She worked in the MARine MAnagement and Ecosystem Dynamics under Climate Change (MARmaED) project. Her research focused on the governance of social-ecological systems and sustainable management of natural resources in Europe and Cambodia. Previously, she studied the potential of microfinance for poverty alleviation with a specific focus on renewable energy. She holds a MSc in Political Economics from Trier University, a BSc in Social Sciences from Trier University and a BA in European Studies from Maastricht University. She also worked as a consultant for the private sector on defining Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies and non-financial risk management.

  • Governance of social-ecological and socio-technical systems
  • Energy transition
  • Environmental and resource economics
  • Behaviour and Experimental Economics
  • Fisheries and water management

Publikationen am IASS

Publikationen vor der Tätigkeit am IASS

  • Schuch, Gabbert & Richter (2021) Institutional inertia in European Fisheries - In- sights from the Atlantic horse mackerel case, Marine Policy.DOI: 10.1016/j.marpol.2021.104464

  • Schuch, Dirks, Nhim & Richter (2021) Cooperation under social and strategic un- certainty - The role of risk and social capital in rural Cambodia, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. DOI: 10.1016/j.socec.2020.101642.

  • 06/2020 A threshold public good game with public good and public bad framing - Evidence from farmers and fishers in Cambodia. Speaker at 25th European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) annual conference, virtual

  • 09/2019 Behavioral biases of experts and their influence on natural resource management. Invited speaker at EUREKA Seminar series, Department of Spatial Economics of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

*08/2018, Perfect is the enemy of good - When more accurate stock assessments are less valuable for management. Talk at the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) Annual Science Conference, Hamburg, Germany.