Gast am 13.11.2018 - 19:51

I've figured out the future of government from the 1st two pages of a paddler book. The idea is to use media to engender faculties necessary to figure out what technologies should be made and not made. Future technologies-risks, ethics of technologies, lateral thinking and resilience are needed. The latter is hard to deliver on a big screen. It may be why the best of black Americans and poor North Americans should be elevated to power in a decade or less and subsidized.
When you have danger, you uncosciously rise to meet the challenge. The idea is to use a game or CYOA media story, to cause the same effect of wanting to better one's own situation unconsciously, but without the danger. The can be neuro-imaged and developing this faculty will result in better leaders; should form the basis for de facto merit based gvmt.
A big TV or perhaps two edges on a TV seems best for now as users get lost in immersive environments among other problems.

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