The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro raised many hopes.

The IASS’s status in the initiative “Mitigating Short-Lived Climate Polluta

Climate Engineering – the attempt to ward off human-induced global warming

Much of the water in the rivers of Kyrgyzstan comes from melting snow and g

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, a



In the coming decades, the development of renewable energy sources (RES) such as wind and solar will play a major role in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and making our energy system more sustainable. But the places where RES are available or would be most efficient are often located far away from the densely populated and industrial areas where the energy is needed: on the open sea in the case of wind and in sunnier climes in the case of solar. This means that the construction of new power lines needs to go hand in hand with RES development. In Germany for instance, expanding the electrical grid has become a crucial precondition for the success of the Energiewende. Read More


CO₂ als Wertstoff? (2/2014)

Kohlenstoffdioxid (CO₂) wird vornehmlich als klimaschädliches Treibhausgas wahrgenommen. In CO₂ steckt aber auch Kohlenstoff (C), der Grundstoff allen organischen Lebens...
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CO₂ as an Asset? (2/2014)

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is typically perceived as a harmful greenhouse gas. Yet CO₂ contains carbon (C), the substance from which all organic life derives ...
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The Challenge of Democracy: An Evening with Klaus Töpfer Dedicated to the Future

Why do we find it so difficult to collectively change things that we oppose

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Workshop: Deirdre McCloskey, “Inequality and Capitalism”

Against the backdrop of the recent intensification of discussions on the ro

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Let's Talk About Soil - English

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Outlaws in Air City (Fast Forward Science 2014)

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Engineering the climate?

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