Kopernikus Project for the Energy Transition – Thematic Field No. 4 “System Integration and Networks for the Energy Supply” (Energy Transition Navigation System)

A wind turbine casts its shadow over a rapeseed field in Randowhöhe, Brandenburg. ©laif/Paul Langrock/ZenitA wind turbine casts its shadow over a rapeseed field in Randowhöhe, Brandenburg. ©laif/Paul Langrock/Zenit

The energy transition is in full swing. Up to now, research has focused on developing technical solutions to facilitate the expansion of renewables. But the energy transition goes far beyond the energy sector. The IASS project “Energy Transition Navigation System” examines how technical progress in this area interacts with organisational forms, regulation, and behaviour. It thus widens the focus of previous research and approaches the energy transition as a process of broad societal transformation.

Understanding the energy supply system

In the first phase of the project, the emphasis is on gaining a better understanding of the complex energy supply system and related areas such as industry, transportation and consumption. Building on that, researchers and partners from business and civil society will address the question of how technical, economic, political and social structures could be integrated in a future energy system. The aim of the project is to ensure that the energy transition is implemented in both an effective and socially responsible way.

The Kopernikus Projects for the Energy Transition

The IASS project is one of the “Kopernikus Projects for the Energy Transition” that have been funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research since 2016. Work on it will be completed over a ten-year period in close cooperation with the other three Kopernikus projects “New Grid Structures”, “Storing Excess Electricity”, and “Industrial Processes”. The IASS is responsible for setting up and running the coordination office for the entire consortium and manages all internal and external communications. Cooperation with other external partners in model regions and living laboratories is also part of its remit.


Dr Stefan Stückrad

+49 (0) 33128822 408



10/2016 to 09/2019

Project partners:

84 partners from research, science, civil society, and the private sector

Key Steering Group Partners:

  • Dialogik, Stuttgart
  • Fraunhofer ISE and IWES
  • Global Climate Forum
  • Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM)
  • Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis
  • Zivilgesellschaftliche Plattform Forschungswende
  • PIK
  • Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg
  • Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
  • Bosch Innovation
  • MVV Energie AG
  • VSE AG, Saarbrücken


Energy transition, systems integration, transformation, electricity grids


Coordination office

Scientific Manager: Dr Stefan Stückrad

Project Manager: Dr Heiko Thomas

Press & Communications: Christina Camier

Project Assistant: Kim Kube

Research Associates: Dr Rainer Quitzow, Benjamin Bayer, Dr Bing Xue, Rebecca Kutzner, Irene Müller, Dr Jörn Quedenau, Dr Piet Sellke, Sophia BeckerLana Ollier und Angela Borowski (Summer School)

Studentische Hilfskräfte: Lena Fox, Stella Mederake und Max Nawe

Supervising Directors: Prof. Ortwin Renn and Prof. Patrizia Nanz


Team of the Kopernikus Project for the Energy Transition at the IASS (c) IASS/ Lotte OstermannTeam of the Kopernikus Project for the Energy Transition at the IASS (c) IASS/ Lotte Ostermann