Transdisciplinary Panel on Energy Change

The Transdisciplinary Panel on Energy Change (TPEC) at the IASS aims to develop and mobilise knowledge to enable a global transition to a sustainable energy supply. The panel brings together stakeholders from research, politics, business and society in a transdisciplinary research process, thereby contributing to ongoing political processes and societal developments. The German Energiewende is an important reference point within a work programme that is global in scope.

The main pillars of the current work programme are:

  • Economic and Political Ownership in Energy Transitions
  • Global Energy Transition
  • From Coal to Renewables

Launched in March 2012, our platform takes up the suggestions of the Ethics Commission for a Safe Energy Supply, which was co-chaired by IASS Executive Director Klaus Töpfer on behalf of Chancellor Angela Merkel. In addition to carrying out original research on different aspects of the Energiewende and a global energy transition, the team organises thematic working groups and workshops, as well as bilateral talks with experts from Germany’s partner countries.

The Transdisciplinary Panel on Energy Change (TPEC) is part of the IASS programme on Transforming Energy Systems.

Dr Günther Bachmann, Secretary General of the German Council for Sustainable Development, John Ashton, internationally renowned expert on climate policy and former Special Representative for Climate Change of the UK Government, and Jairam Ramesh, Former Indian Environment Minister, are senior advisors to the project.

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