Arctic Impact on Weather and Climate (Blue Action)

Nenets girl in the Russian Arctic. (c) Oldag CasparNenets girl in the Russian Arctic. (c) Oldag Caspar

The warming of the Arctic could lead to greater exploitation of its mineral and other resources. Increased activity in the region is an early indication of this. What are the hopes and fears of local Arctic populations in this respect? And what effects do these activities have on the weather and the climate of the entire Northern Hemisphere? To answer these questions, the project supplements scientific insights from climate and weather research with the knowledge of interest groups with a stake in the region.

Case study on oil and gas production in the Arctic

A case study spanning three oil and gas exploration sites in the Russian Arctic will analyse the social, economic, and ecological impacts of these changes on local populations and their implications for Europe. As well as investigating the opportunities and risks of this development, it will explore the extent to which the transformation of the Arctic is determined by European and international processes and actors. The researchers hope to gain insights into and comparative data on the effects of Arctic transformation processes. The results of our work will be used in workshops with stakeholders to see how different scenarios might play out.

Providing climate services for research

The project also aims to make its findings available to other projects as climate services, i.e. in the form of reliable climate information. In addition, it seeks to clarify the precise relationships and responsibilities of actors within and outside the Arctic region in order to ensure better governance of sustainable transformations in the Arctic. This project contributes to the IASS project Global Change and Arctic Sustainable Transformations.


Dr Kathrin Stephen

+49 (0)331 288 22 364

Vilena Valeeva

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12/2016 to 02/2021

Project partners:

  • Foresight Intelligence, Berlin
  • Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO)
  • University of Potsdam


Arctic, climate change, resources, risk, climate services, transdisciplinarity


Work Package Co-Leader: Dr Kathrin Stephen

Doctoral candidate: Vilena Valeeva

Supervising Director: Prof. Mark Lawrence

Funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union (grant agreement No 727852).