Grace Mbungu



IASS Project

  • The Global Initiative Toward Universal Households Energy Access
  • The KLASIC Alliance (

Research Interests

  • Sustainable Energy Access in Developing Countries
  • Engagement and Participation of Societal Actors in Research and Development
  • Contextual Knowledge and its Role in Sustainable Development Processes 
  • Gender  Equality and Women´s empowerment
  • Human rights and social justice

Curriculum Vitae

  • May 2016- present: Fellow/ Ph.D. candidate:  Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Potsdam, Germany 
  • November 2013 – July 2015:  Junior Researcher, DIALOGIK:  Institute for Communication and Cooperation Research Stuttgart, Germany
  • May 2014:  Part- time Research Assistant, Institute for Nutritional Medicine, University of Hohenhein, Stuttgart, Germany
  • January 2010-  June 2010: Organizing and Advocacy Intern, Jubilee USA Network, Washington, DC, USA
  • January 2008- December 2009: Master of Public Administration (MPA): Bowling Green State University(USA)
  • January 2009- December 2009: Part- time Research and Teaching Assistant, Political Science Department, Bowling Green State University(USA)
  • January 2008- December 2008:  Part- time Program Assistant, Women’s Center, Bowling Green State University (USA)
  • January 2004- December 2007:  Bachelor of Arts (BA) With Honors: Dual Major Political Science and Women´s Studies : Bowling Green State University Ohio , USA
  • December 2000-  May 2003: Studied Urban and Regional Planning:  Maseno University, Kenya

Selected Publications prior to joining the IASS

  • Li, H., Chabay, I., Renn, O., Weber, A., Mbungu, G. (2015): Exploring smart grids with simulations in a mobile science exhibition. - Energy, Sustainability and Society, 5, 1, 37. DOI: