Dr Thomas Bruhn

Project Scientist
+49 331 28822-357



  • IASS Dialog Series on Climate Engineering
  • Environmental Side Effects of Carbon Capture Technologies
  • Carbon Capture and Utilization
  • Global Youth Climate Plan

Curriculum Vitae

Thomas received a doctorate in Physics from the Technical University of Berlin for his dissertation about the interaction between organic molecules and semiconductor nanostructures. After research stays in Rome (Italy) and Marseille (France) he joined the IASS in 2012. Beside his research activities, Thomas is active in several NGOs, e.g., he is a member to the tt30 (www.tt30.de), the young think tank of the Club of Rome, and he is member of the board of directors of the Global Contract Foundation (www.weltvertrag.org/).
Thomas is also a trained moderator who is regularly facilitating workshops and courses about sustainable development in adult education programs, at universities, schools or with the broader public.

Research Interests

I am interested in a broad variety of issues around the transformation towards a sustainable way of living. On the natural science side this involves particularly the field of atmospheric science. Moreover, I am particularly interested in transdisciplinary research beyond classical academic approaches in order to better link scientific progress and societal development. Also I am interested in the development of a better awareness of the changing role of humankind in the earth system in the light of the Anthropocene.
My concrete activities at IASS involve the following:

  • Climate Engineering: Transdisciplinary dialogues on Climate Engineering with societal groups
  • Atmospheric Chemistry: Environmental side effects of carbon capture technologies: Modeling the atmospheric fate of amines from carbon capture, particularly the production of ozone in the troposphere.
  • Education for Sustainable Development: Raising awareness and informing about the science of sustainability.
  • CO2-Game: Interactive game for calculating and understanding the personal CO2 footprint in workshops or school classes

Selected Publications prior to joining / not related to the IASS


  • Synthesis and electrical conductivity of multilayer silicene”
    P. Vogt, P. Capoid, M. Berthe, A. Resta, P. De Padova, T. Bruhn, G. Le Lay, B. Grandidier
    Applied Physics Letters 104, 021602


  • STM analysis of defects at the GaAs(001)-c(4x4) surface”
    T. Bruhn, B.O. Fimland, N. Esser, P. Vogt
    Surface Science 617, 162
  • “The quasiparticle band dispersion in epitaxial multilayer silicene”
    P. De Padova, P. Vogt, J. Avila, A. Resta, I. Rasado-Colambo, C. Ottaviani, B. Olivieri, T. Bruhn, P. Vogt, M.C.Asensio, G. Le Lay
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 25, 382202
  • “Atomic structures of Silicene Layers on Ag(111): Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy Observations”
    A. Resta, T. Leoni, C. Barth, A. Ranguis, C. Becker, T. Bruhn, P. Vogt, G. Le Lay
    Scientific Reports 3, 2399
  • “Evidence of Dirac fermions in multilayer silicene”
    P. De Padova, P. Vogt, A. Resta, J. Avila, I. Razado-Colambo, C. Quaresima, C. Ottaviani, B. Olivieri, T. Bruhn, T. Hirahara, T. Shirai, S. Hasegawa, M. C. Asensio, G. Le Lay
    Applied Physics Letters 102, 163106


  • “Epitaxial Silicene: Can it be strongly strained?”
    G. Le Lay, P. De Padova, A. Resta, T. Bruhn, P. Vogt
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 45, 392001 (2012)
  • “Pyrrole adsorption on GaAs(001)-c(4x4): The role of surface defects”
    T. Bruhn, B.O. Fimland, N. Esser, P. Vogt
    Physical Review B. 85, 075322 (2012)
  • “Reconstruction dependent epitaxial growth of lead-phthalocyanine on GaAs(001) surfaces”
    L. Riele, T. Bruhn, V. Rackwitz, R. Passmann, B.O. Fimland, N. Esser, P. Vogt,
    Physical Review B 84, 205317 (2011)
  • “In-situ optical spectroscopy and electronic properties of pyrrole submonolayers on Ga-rich GaAs(001)”
    T. Bruhn, M. Ewald, B.O. Fimland, M. Kneissl, N. Esser, P. Vogt,
    Journal of Nanoparticle Research 13, 5847 (2011)
  • “Adsorbate-induced modification of the surface electronic structure at GaAs(001) surfaces”
    T. Bruhn, B.O. Fimland, M. Kneissl, N. Esser, P. Vogt,
    Physical Review B 83(8), 045307 (2011)


Dr. Thomas Bruhn, Project Scientist