Dr Piet Sellke

Research Associate
+49(0)176 22846463


IASS Projects

  • ENavi

Research Interests

  • Risk Governance, Risk Perception, Public Dialogue

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 2004 I have been working as researcher and section head at Dialogik non-profit institute for cooperation and communication research and since 2017 also at IASS in the field of risk- and crisis communication, conflict resolution, mediation, risk governance, civic participation and discourse. I am a trained mediator and was in charge of a multitude of mediations and public participation processes in the field of environmental law. In my research activities I am focusing on how to shape governance processes in order to include the necessary stakeholders, experts and the public at large into an integrative framework. This work I have been applying to very different sectors, such as resilience of communities against disaster, conflict resolution and establishment of trust between citizens and government bodies and towards the private sector. My research in the field of risk governance encompasses risk communication, risk management, and risk perception as well as new approaches to deal with emerging risks. I have teaching positions at the University of Vienna (risk governance and crisis communication) and at the Steinbeis School of Innovation and Management (conflict resolution and change management).

Selected Publications prior to joining the IASS

  • Sellke, P. / Renn, O. (2010): Risk, society and environmental policy: Risk Governance in a complex world. In: Gross, M. / Heinrichs, H. (eds.): Environmental Sociology: European Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Challenges. Springer.